Before Day Scholar – Patna Roughcut by Siddharth Chowdhury

The writer of the latest source of curiosity, Day Scholar, Siddharth Chowdhury’s earlier novel Patna Roughcut resembles another novel from Altaf Tyrewala – especially with the way the narrative of the book has been treated. The story has been told from multiple points of view, though there is a protagonist in the book – Ritwik Ray, a reporter with a newspaper in Patna. For readers, while waiting for the release of Day Scholar from Siddharth Chowdhury, you can definitely satiate some of your thirst with Patna Roughcut (if you haven’t read it already).
Several Themes Run Concurrently
Siddharth Chowdhury writes that his hero Ritwik attended a university in Delhi and then decided not to stay back in Delhi. Instead, he went to his hometown (Patna) so he could write a book of stories. There are several themes running concurrently in Patna Roughcut – the relationship between a large city and a small town, sexual awakening, middle class prejudices and formation of a personality at a time when we are open to outside influences. The author puts forward a thought that what looks like a personality to us is actually relationships and whatever influences we inherited from others.
Strong Influences in Ritwik’s Life
The first two sections of Patna Roughcut are told by the protagonist Ritwik in first person which deal with his early life. The characters who dominated his life are Harryda, a person who wanted to write stories for films and lived a stylish lifestyle. He was a high living, hard drinking and good looking personality but the spirit behind the man was broken up when his love affair ended badly. Iladi is also an important character of the book whose life is shattered by the reality (apart from Harryda). She is an idealist, a Marxist, who died at the hands of a mob while participating in a protest march. Ritwik writes about Iladi saying she was the first person whose secret world of the mind was better and more real than mundane so called real world.
Consistently Interesting Prose All the Time
The prose written by Siddharth Chowdhury is consistently interesting all the time, and you’ll notice several instances where he doesn’t need a comma when others would have used plenty. He also has an eye for detail through which he observes characters both from the real world perspective and then through imagination. By reading this book, you know very well what to expect when you read Day Scholar by Siddharth Chowdhury.
Last Section Is Narrated By Mira
The last section of the book, narrated in first person by Ritwik’s ex-girlfriend Mira, is one of the most gripping sections of prose in the contemporary literature. Mira is married to one of the best friends of Ritwik and is back in Patna for some reason. First person narration is used excellently by Siddharth Chowdhury who knows very well that the events would be brought to life this way, otherwise difficult with any other point of view. Even if you read just this section of the book, the money invested in the book is recovered right away.

Ten Things You Should Know About Your Child’s Memory That Could Change Their Life!

If your child is underachieving at school, it could be a matter of poor memory rather than low intelligence.
Researchers from Durham University, surveyed over three thousand children and found that ten percent of school children across all ages suffer from poor working memory seriously affecting their learning. Nationally, this equates to half a million children in primary education.
Your child’s teacher may complain that your child does not pay attention or does not have a high level of intelligence. But it could be your child’s memory that is problem and unfortunately is rarely identified by teachers.
Working memory is best described as the ability to hold information in your head and use it mentally. In other words, how well does your child pay attention to details. For example, you can probably add two numbers together in your head without using pen and paper. You child needs this memory at school everyday for a variety of tasks: to remember instructions given by the teacher, to remember sentences they have been asked to write down, or your child may be forgetful when it comes to remembering their lunch, gym equipment, or homework.
Dr Tracy Alloway, lead researcher from Durham University says, ” Currently, children are not assessed and identified for working memory within a classroom setting. Early identification of these children will be a major step towards addressing under achievement. It will mean teachers can adapt their method to help the children’s learning before they fall too far behind their peers.”
Teachers in the UK now trained to use the Working Memory Checklist are able to identify children who are at risk for a poor working memory. These children then have their memory tested. Now the teacher can manage the child’s memory load to insure the child completes tasks.
As a Structure of Intellect Practitioner I have tested and trained working memory in all my clients aged 4 to 64 years of age for more than a decade. Almost all of my clients show a remarkable positive change in their memory in as much as a few months time!
If you’re not a memory expert you ARE an expert on your child. Here are some observations that could signal your child has a problem with their memory:
1) Can they add two numbers in their head without a pen and paper?
2) Do they forget to take their homework to school even though they have completed it?
3) Can they remember a new telephone number, pin number or web address?
4) Can they remember the name of a new friend long enough to use it?
5) Is their teacher complaining that they do not pay attention to details?
6) Do they have trouble remembering instructions?
7) Do you have to repeat instructions for them to remember?
8) Do they complain or fade when they have to remember more than 3 or 4 things at a time?
9) Are they brilliant students but take a longer than usual time to finish their assignment?
10) Has their teacher identified any memory problems?
Your answer to these questions could signal that your child’s working memory is not strong enough to support successful learning. In this case a memory quiz and testing could make the difference for your child and their teacher!

The Scientific Universe And The Shift In Religious Scholar Beliefs

I can just imagine how a man such as Galileo must have felt. He was not stupid and his observations and calculations told him the heavenly bodies moved and that they circle around the sun and not the earth. However the church told everyone the earth is the center of the Universe. In the end Galileo died, a silenced man, although he was right and they were wrong.
The Biblical Predicament
Bible scholars have always been a fanatic bunch of people. Not to say this is right ore wrong but merely stating that they had always been defending what the church told them to defend. Sadly this was not always the truth. The leaders did not even know they were wrong. Some people would be surprised at what they believed ten or twenty years ago. Good thing is they will not even remember when and why they shifted their views on certain sins. They will now defend the new ideas with the same vigour that they defended the total opposite viewpoints many years ago. But what about the church?
Universal Knowledge
The Universe is an enormous vast and mostly obscure place, and in the book Genesis the bible story of creation and the scientific views of the Universe can be connected. It is in this tale that church leaders saw certain things which differ from what scientists see today. Did the church leaders have it wrong, was the bible merely a fairytale?
Personally I say they had only interpreted it the wrong way and thus had to defend their statements, never realizing they were wrong. How could they have know? This would take 2000 years to become a discussion when science advanced enough to prove what it preached and that in many cases would have been heresy a mere fifty years ago
The Future
In discussions with religious leaders you soon realize the church have split into two groups. The one group still defends a literal interpretation of Genesis, but the second group have already accepted that they need to look at fresh interpretations of the bible. Not to change the bible, but to change their interpretations of what the bible really said and meant and to adjust this so it can incorporate the new scientific evidence instead of being afraid that it will undermine the word of God.
The new church is not what it was 2000 years ago where the bible is seen as the final and ultimate word of God, human inventions such as the Hubble telescope appeared to prove that human views slipped into the writing process. However, when church leaders look at the bible with new insight, they realize they had interpreted certain texts and words wrongly.
Genesis was not wrong after all, their interpretation of Genesis was. Suddenly the God they worship becomes bigger instead of absolute and they can use the word The Big Bang Theory from the pulpit without being labelled as heretics. If the church wants to stay relevant they need to incorporate basic Astronomy into their teachings and need to familiarize themselves with the basics that govern this discipline in order to educate the devotees. If not, the leaders might make a paradigm shift themselves but they will loose the support of their devotees and find a wave of resistance from the older generation they themselves educated. Soon they will be modern day Galileo’s accused of heresy by their own followers and find themselves literally in a wilderness between the devil and the deep dark universe.

The Anxious Non-Mentored Student

After teaching & tutoring Organic Chemistry for quite some time, professional mentors of the subject (teaching Ph.D. tutors) report learning far more about what students need from mentoring than they ever could have from simply teaching. They get to “see” the student first hand as s/he attempts to grasp concepts, however more so when s/he strives to make applications of the concepts toward the solution of complex problems. Furthermore, such mentors develop a close relationship of trust and confidence with virtually every student who comes their way. This bond provides the mentor with the opportunity to peer into both their mind and their soul.
The types of students Organic Chemistry mentors get vary. There are the pre-med biology majors (type 1) who want an assured A-grade for their medical school application. Then there are the students who contact mentor when the struggling starts (type 2). They recognize the need for help when it sets in. Also, there are students who have taken and failed a course (type 3) before, and they seek guidance the second time around for maximum understanding of the subject matter. The type 4 student is the one who failed the first exam, and doesn’t want to go through that experience again.
Type 5 is the “crammer” who seeks professional assistance to make up for weeks of not studying so s/he can be saved at the twelfth hour. Professional mentors appeal to these students over and again, stressing that they will never learn the material if this pattern is repeated, and when the end of the semester comes there will be a crisis that no one can help them with. Seventy-two hours after every exam they have almost zero recall of anything that was on the exam. Finally, there are the students who wait until having failed two or even three exams (type 6) before seeking help, hoping a miracle can be performed.
Many students are paying tuition at schools ranging from $10-30K per year. This brings the value of their Organic Chemistry course for one semester to the range of $1-3K. Approximately 40% of the students mentors receive come from mid-end semester. They indicate (1) their parents did not want to pay for a tutor; and (2) they’ve never had a Ph.D. educational specialist as a tutor before, never dreaming of what the results might be like.
Seventy-two hours after [cramming for an]… exam [students] have almost zero recall of anything that was on the exam.
Considering the fact that seeing a mentor once per week (2h session) over twelve weeks would cost approximately $1000, and also considering the students who need help and don’t get it either receive a poor grade or fail the course only to repeat it (some students repeat Organic Chemistry 2-3 times before seeking help), isn’t it wiser to get the mentor? When the Organic Chemistry course runs at approximately $2K, is the investment in a mentor not worth the assurance and peace of mind?
This sounds like it’s about money. It’s not. It’s more about preserving one’s sense of pride and emotional state of being. The students of Ancient Greek philosophers were very proud to be mentored by them. There are many students out there who can do well in Organic Chemistry (and applied mathematics as well as other sciences) if they have the right mentor.
There’s a resurgence of an old breed of tutor out there today – the Ph.D. Mentor Philosopher Scholar, comparable to those of Ancient Greece. What message can be sent to students, or more appropriately to their parents, so the decision is easier to make? When the student can benefit immensely from a professional mentor, what can be done to ensure the semester doesn’t conclude with the anxious non-mentored student?
As with many things in life, it’s all about getting word of the results in the open, and this takes time. It won’t be long before the Ph.D. Mentor Philosopher Scholar is the dominant breed of tutor requested by the most competitive students. The world of academics is undergoing rapid change, and the “augmentory” educational system is in a state of transformation. Let time tell the rest of this tale.
A� 2012 Joseph Lennox, Ph.D.

Die Gedanken Sind Frei: REAL Wellness, Liberty And The White Rose Society

REAL wellness represents reason, exuberance and liberty, elements of a deliberate lifestyle designed to foster a high quality of life. The L in the REAL wellness acronym stands for liberty which, like reason and exuberance, is shaped by the choices we make. Americans are fond of reminding themselves that liberty comes at a price, that the freedoms we enjoy today exist in part because so many have taken great, often fatal risks throughout the nation’s history to protect their liberties then and ours now.
One of my favorite songs about liberty and freedom is John Lennon’s “Imagine.” In fact, I wrote an essay about it a few years ago. Another freedom song, “Die Gedanken Sind Frei,” was brought to my attention by singer Dan Barker, who also serves as co-president of the Freedom From Religion Foundation or FFRF. (FFRF is a Wisconsin-based organization that works to educate the public on matters relating to nontheism, and to promote the constitutional principle of separation between church and state.) Die Gedanken Sind Frei is a German folk tune, roughly translated as, my thoughts are free. I suggest you listen to Die Gedanken Sind Frei. It is easily accessed via an Internet search. I want to tell you a brief story about Germans who adopted it as their theme song during WWII.
In 1943, Sophie Scholl was 21 years-old, one of five members of a non-violent resistance group in Germany known as the White Rose Movement. The White Rose members publicly (and bravely) urged Germans to passively resist the Nazis. Sophie and the other White Rose members were arrested for distributing a leaflet at the University of Munich on February 18, 1943. (Source: Rayelan at , 11/15/2008.) In the Gestapo’s People’s Court on February 21, 1943, Sophie was recorded as follows: Somebody, after all, had to make a start. What we wrote and said is also believed by many others. They just do not dare express themselves as we did. She and the others were sentenced to death and executed. Her final words were: How can we expect righteousness to prevail when there is hardly anyone willing to give himself up individually to a righteous cause? Such a fine, sunny day, and I have to go. But what does my death matter, if through us thousands of people are awakened and stirred to action? Die Sonne scheint noch. (The sun still shines.)
In mid-1943, the Allies dropped millions of propaganda copies of the White Rose pamphlet over German cities. The defiance by White Rose members, in the face of dreadful consequences, gained Sophie and her friends the admiration of many contemporaries and the respect of millions in post-war Germany. Sophie’s memory and the memory of the White Rose Movement was honored by Germany with a commemorative stamp in 1991.
Playwright Lillian Garrett-Groag stated in Newsday on February 22, 1993, that the legacy of the White Rose movement is possibly the most spectacular moment of resistance that I can think of in the 20th century… The fact that five kids, in the mouth of the wolf, where it really counted, had the tremendous courage to do what they did, is spectacular to me. I know that the world is better for them having been there, but I do not know why. (Source: Wikipedia.)
Die Gedanken Sind Frie. May your thoughts be free, as well.

The Blue Collar Scholar by J Elwood Davis is a Book of Poetic Rhyme by a Working Man (Ex Marine)

J Elwood Davis is a much loved and highly respected poet in the world of Poetry today. Known mostly to other poets as “Raindance” having been brought up harshly by drunken parents, lived in children’s homes then he became a marine doing service in Vietnam. The experience of all these three facts really did give him a A1 honors degree in life itself. Having found a great love of God and an understanding of others through living life itself now in his later years he has found great release from all his thoughts of experiencing painful neglect, of seeing atrocities of life turning to a great belief in spiritual love and life everlasting which is all reflected in the writing of his poetry.
Jim always says “I am not a Poet I am a rhymer” by thinking of the great Poets past and not wanting to put himself in their esteemed league, But as his publisher, friend and yes one of his greatest fans I call him a POET as all who have read him does. So it is not at all surprising that I can write with utmost sincerity and admiration about him and his ‘Words of loving, living and the understanding of life that he has penned in Rhyme’ The Blue Collar Scholar is a book that will move and delight even those men who say they are not a lover of by reading a few pages of this book and they will see how their thoughts change to make them want to read more… Anyone and everyone who as ever been involved in hardship, pain and yes! War will find themselves relating to the read and all who have found God through being in despair, lost, frightened and scared will relate deeply too.
It is a book by a working man aimed at touching all other working class people, but their academic peers too I know will find a great release of understanding coming through with the love of God. Everyone of the poems in my opinion as a Poet and publisher… but the one titled ‘UNPAID BILLS’ about never forgetting to help the vets is one that I was most moved by too always remember.
Another one is just a short little ditty of advise saying that all we have to give our children is as the title says, ROOTS and WINGS’ Roots meaning a good steadfast foundation of Parental love on which to build on and Wings to let them have the freedom to fly when ready to leave the nest / home… This wonderful poet of today ‘J Elwood Davis’ is also a very pronounced member of the Poets World-Wide group having participated in everyone of these charity books Two Butterbee Books and the Lucky Grub book for childrens Charity ‘Standing Tall When feeling Small’ in support of sufferers of Alzhiemers, A Prayer book titled ‘Precious Prayers’ to support the Ronald Mc Donald Houses.
An anthology teaching book of poetry styles that we are distributing with the funds out to schools etc. And the latest great book titled ‘Passionate Patriotic Poetry for 9 / 11. Plus one that Jim suggested be done in support of the troops all serving men and women titled: ‘Poetic Words To Support The Troops’ with all revenues being paid to the USO. All great achievements by Jim and all the other members of Poets World-Wide’ Jims book can be seen in more detail on his web page here

Words of Wisdom From “The Blue Collar Scholar”

“The Blue Collar Scholar” is a great seven chapter book written by J Elwood Davis. The Chapters range from his every day “Thoughts on life and living to Miscellaneous Musing”. He does not leave a topic unturned in this book. Sit back and hold on to your hat as you journey with the “King of Rhyme” and see what he has to say.
In the first chapter he gives the audience many views of his feelings on life and living. He starts off by letting his readers know that the poet holds the key of poetry to touch the souls of man. In another poem he lets us see that there is “Angels Amongst Us” without wings to help others in need. We are God’s “Earth Angels”, he states. This first chapter itself speaks volume to the readers. It can certainly stand alone and it does bring a profound message to the readers.
Jim also offers “Advice” to the readers as they travel with him through this “Journey of Life”, and lets them know they must come upon “Resolution Beach”. This is a place for us all to stop and cast those cares or whatever is bothering you into the ocean.
There are great words of wisdom and strength that flows from the heart of J Elwood Davis. He continues to encourage his readers to “Just Hold On,” and not to forget those “Precious Memories”. Our writer sees these “Precious Memories” as the strength that is gained through struggles and the wisdom born of strife. I feel that this advice if taken to heart can truly impact a person’s life.
In “Just Between You and Me”, J Elwood Davis pours more wisdom into his readers. He encourages them to just enjoy the simple things in life, and to remember the “Power of Prayer”. He proceeds on to share with us poems of his Military and Patriotic experiences, a little bit on history, Christmas and other special days are focused upon, and let’s not leave out music and mirth. He covers it all within a hundred and fifty-five poems found within this book.
He appears to be a tough guy as he reads others reviews on the poetry site but just from reading this book I see another side of J Elwood Davis that he likes to keep hidden. This is a great book to enhance your family library with. I enjoyed the reading from cover to cover.

Why Fixed Rate Student Loans Are the First Priority Offers for the Students

Now a student once completing their under graduate course, starts thinking about their graduation and post graduation course financing. It is easier for them to arrange an enrollment in any famous educational institution, but very difficult to manage the academic and personal financials simultaneously. For a student without financial support it is very difficult to manage his academic financials. To help these students financially, government has been promoting many student loan offers. Among the available offers if you compare education loans, you will find the fixed rate scholar loans as best.
Usually, the government also has multiple offers for the students which cannot always meet the demands of the students. That’s why the students need external financial help which are guided by the private loans from different financial institutions. If you have a strong financial back up you can apply for plus student loans which will help you to cover all the expenses. These plus student loans are good for the people having minimal requirements of external help. But for a student having poor financial back up, you cannot expect them covering everything with these loans. What they can do is compare student loans available for them and manage fixed rate loans according to their needs and requirements.
Fixed rate undergraduate loans are high with the qualification requirements. You will need to have good credit scores or a cosigner to apply for fixed rate student loans. That’s why for the students having no such resources find it very difficult to manage a student loan according to their needs. And if they compare learner loans available for them, they will find the plus scholar loans are also coming with higher interest rates if they are applying without any credit score or, cosigner. Still, they have certain solutions for managing loans for their academic financial managements. They can go for the no credit student loans, or, higher interest student loans as well.
If the student has a job or, a regular income source, he can afford higher interest loans whereas, an unemployed student can only think of no credit student loans. These loans are offered by the financial companies who are associated with the government educational welfare wing. The educational welfare institutions provide stimulus money to the organizations and that makes the financial institutions interested about the student loans. Even if you have found any offer lucrative for you, compare student loans first and then apply for the loan.
Plus scholar loans are designed to help the students going to get enrolled in the higher educational course. Many students can avail a scholarship for them and some part time jobs are sufficient enough for them to carry out the costs associated with the academic and personal financials simultaneously. To compare apprentice loans online, you will need to visit the forums and student welfare sites. These are helping the students with the resource information voluntarily. When operating the research, give priority to the fixed rate undergraduate loans and then consider other special offers for students to make sure that you are also concerned about the insights. Instead of a clumsy processing system of the fixed rate loans for students, they are surely the best possible offers for the students to avail as the interest rates and monthly installments are fixed for the entire loan repayment time. And also, the students get the chance to consolidate the loans, or change the repayment system according to their needs.

The Little Scholar – Best Child Education Place

The Little Scholar School is located in Noida in Uttar Pradesh. This school in Noida was established with a vision of providing quality education to its students. The school is dedicated to provide world-class educational facilities to the students and offers education to the children of nursery class. The school uses the latest teaching aids to educate its children. The school is located on a beautiful 1200 sq meter campus in the heart of Noida. The school provides outstanding physical environment to meet the educational needs of the children. The plot was allotted in 1999 and the building was completed in April 2001. The school has five spacious classrooms, a huge hall and bathrooms for the toddlers. The school also has a kitchen for the mid day meals, a stage and a splash pool.
Every classroom at the Little Scholar is especially designed to meet the development needs of the children. The school has introduced new material and concepts to frequently encourage physical emotional and intellectual growth. The school has been built keeping in mind the accessibility of the physically challenged children. There are no steps on the ground floor and there is full access to the play area.
The school has a swimming pool and an evening centre. The school provides many facilities and lays emphasis on English speaking. The school lays emphasis on the overall development of the child. The children get to participate in a wide variety of indoor and outdoor games. The school also provides multimedia computer aided teaching. The school also provides creative teaching facilities. The kids can play basketball and can do skating. The kids also get to participate in music, dance, midday meals and summer camps. The kids also get to participate in evening classes for dance, drawing, casio, skating and swimming. The school provides transport to all sectors of Noida, Vasundhra, Eastend and Mayur Vihar. There are professionals who provide child and parent counseling.
In the world of information, there are many more website that caters to parents and helps makes school admissions a delightful experience. In-case you are on the lookout the schools in Noida, day boarding schools in Noida and the Little Scholar and don’t know where to begin, you don’t have to worry. It does everything for you right from filling up your form, submitting them online and scheduling a date for your child’s interview. OSA also posts Blogs on the Internet on topics related to education and parenting and understands a child’s world perfectly.

College Loans – When is it Convenient to Apply For One?

College loans is a reasonably simple strategy to eradicate financial stress while concentrating in your studies. One of the problems with taking out college this type of loan is the accumulation of considerable personal debt before you have even secured an entry-level place in your discipline of interest. A scholar pursuing a sophisticated degree at a major college might easily take out 1000’s of dollars in over a interval of 4 years and neglect that all of that money is a mortgage, not a grant.
When that scholar graduates, she or he might be hit with a substantial mortgage repayment bill and not have earnings large sufficient to make a full payment. If you are considering a course of study with a low starting you may need to rethink your area of study or subject before applying for college loans. At the very least, just borrow the minimal amount required to maintain thoughts and body together. This kind of loans are a good idea as long as they are aware of your necessities and specific situation. Relying on the price of tuition, federally guaranteed college loans might even be a necessity for some students.
The department of schooling will try to assist you as much as possible and work with you to figure out a fee plan which you can afford. In case you fail to make the scheduled payments you can be put into default on your loans. Default pupil loans are terrible for your credit score and you need to avoid them at all cost. The government is not going to allow you to skip out on paying back your student loans. It’s advisable to make the total payment on time every month or you could get into some trouble, like tax refund offsets or a attainable nasty lawsuit.
College loans are a choice students should take into account after ending a college. By the time the college is finished, college students might owe a lot money for these loans that they did not planned on having. Before applying for scholar mortgage, a student can attempt to get hold of grants, work-study presents, and scholarships for faculty training, which do not need to be repaid.